Yes, that would be almost an ideal scenario. For it to be perfect it should use Gimp and xcf files or Inkscape and svg instead of Photoshop so that the source can be uploaded to Commons.

/Jan Ainali

Den 17 apr 2012 00:34 skrev "Andrea Zanni" <>:
Hi Bastien, 
we put the video here:
and will put as well on tomorrow evening.

Could you please write me (in private, if you prefer)
some info about the original video (you did it for the museum you work for)?  
Thank you very much.

For the suggestions you were asking, 
I don't recall if tthere are other discussions open on the topic. 

Saturday Lodewjik was in Italy so we discussed also about this. 
* Wikimedia Italia will surely pay for a screencast, a very simple video tutorial
for showing the upload procedure. We'll make it at the end of August, when the tools and Upload Wizard will be ready
* as WMI, we tried to contact Common Craft ( via WMF, but it seems the contacts with them are lost.
Moreover, I think the video would be awesome but expensive: if any chapter is interested in stepping in, we try.
* for any video/screencast/tutorial, it would be *awesome* to have the storyboard and raw materials
** free
** editable
For example, if animation or screenshot would be PSD files, they could be edited with Photoshop and quickly localised.

I know this is an ideal scenario, but still if some of us are thinking about videos, we could support at least a common storyboard and a graphic designer for the files. 

My 2 cents, 


2012/3/26 Bastien <>
Andre Koopal <> writes:

> Replying to a mail from a while back, but I just contributed Dutch
> subtitles.

Cristian Consonni <> writes:

> Wikimedia Italia has dubbed it in Italian (with a little addition at
> the end). We will put it on in the
> next few days.

Hey, that's fantastic, thanks to both of you!

If you folks have other ideas on what kind of video we could make
for WLM 2012, I'm all ears.  I had the opportunity to register the
voice in a professional studio, and I can redo this next year.

Thanks again,


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