new logo might be nice :) Thanks Delphine for picking this up. 

Voting when all logo's are in seems more intuitive, but if we want people to improve logos during the competition, then voting should start immediately (And yes, that gives a head start). As long as we're sure there was enough time to come up with a decent set, and there is enough time to vote after the last proposal is in. We can btw always nitpick details when in Berlin again :) Maybe good to mention that, so that people dont shoot a proposal off because a little detail is not perfect yet. 


2011/3/30 Susana Morais <>
Hello everybody,

Sounds great! I just have one question, the voting ends on the 27th or the 30th of Abril?
Maybe i would only open the voting from the 17th on (after the last submission). 
And voting on Commons makes more sense, i think.


2011/3/30 Benoît Evellin <>
Hi all

That's looks perfect Delphine ! Thanks !


Le 30 mars 2011 10:13, Delphine Ménard <> a écrit :
> Thoughts?

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