I am very happy you are working with this! Some thoughts:

0) I am not certain what it could mean in an international perspective, but I am certain that in Sweden, with very high smartphone and flatrate mobile internet penetration, this would make a huge difference. 
1) The minimal requirement from the app is that you could do an upload that has enough metadata to enter the contest directly from the phone.
2) Suggestions on nearby objects. 

Jan Ainali
Chair man, Wikimedia Sverige

2012/4/11 elya <ew_wp@web.de>

I'd like to share some discussion points we had recently with the
foundation's mobile app development. I would highly appreciate your
opinions, ideas and thoughts. Unfortunately, my next call with WMF is
already tomorrow evening (sorry for that).

The WMF will most probably develop an upload app for smartphones. We are
invited to provide ideas and requests for our - WLM - needs.

The basic, most simplified upload workflow would be borrowed from the
upload wizard and adapted to smartphones for the mobile Wikipedia
browser app.

Another idea is an advanced workflow that would be provided already as
an Android or iPhone app (based on the PhoneGap framework), with
extended options for geolocation, additional campaigns like WLM or
uploading an image straight from the article (monuments list...)

>From my point of view, the most realistic approach (given WMF's
depolyment cycles and the timeline) is the basic mobile browser app -
that does not help us very much for WLM in its basic design, and due to
iOS restrictions it most probably would not work for iPhones. However,
maybe it could be slightly extended for our needs.

>From your point of view:

0) How do you generally feel about the mobile upload app for WLM - from
an international perspective?
1) What do you generally think would be a minimal requirement to make a
mobile app usable/helpful for WLM?
2) What would be next on your wishlist to make it real fun?
3) Any ideas how a team of volunteer developers could support staff
developers effectively with the mobile app? (I'll have to discuss that)
4) anything I did not consider here?

Some details about the plans can be found here:

Thanks for your feedback!


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