2012/9/3 Lodewijk <lodewijk@effeietsanders.org>
If you're afraid of things failing, you could of course just copy it first and see if everything works. There's no need to delete it.

I may try that, indeed. The problem is that, anyway, one would need to do changes in the bots/database/etc. to make them point to the new lists, so I think that problems may still arise and be noticed by the participants.

What I was thinking to do is to keep the contest lists where they are and create copies for Wikipedia (similar to your suggestion, but the official contest lists would still be the external ones).
But one of the identified success factors has always been that pictures end up on Wikipedia - that is what motivates a lot of people. 

I don't think that both things (having the lists in an external wiki and adding pics to Wikipedia) are mutually exclusive. Why wouldn't be possible to add the pics to the articles and existing Wikipedia lists while keeping the contest lists where they are?