Hmm, then in that case, there is a problem with all of those pictures. Of course, in some countries, there is a gap between the law and enforcement. I don''t know if Wikipedia Estonia needs to worry in the way the Italians do. Having laws doesn't always imply enforcement. If the law is as the Commons templates currently suggest, then I believe however that only Wikipedia Estonia can host these pictures, since they are the only ones who can take the no-enforcement risk.

That does mean however that they cannot take part in the Europe-competition, because I really don't see how you can set up the photo-upload tool to work for them.

How sad!


2011/4/26 Ole Palnatoke Andersen <>
On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 11:14 AM, Jane Darnell <> wrote:
> The way to technically get around this one is to make sure that the object
> is NOT the main subject of the photo. Then all is well.
> hope it helps,

Yes and no - in, the wall
ruin is the main subject of the photo, no matter what you claim.


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