Dear national coordinators, jury coordinators,

My previous message indicated 30 November as the deadline for submitting images. The correct deadline is 5 December 2022, as indicated here.

Apologies for this mistake.

Best regards,

Rubén Ojeda

International jury coordinator, Wiki Loves Monuments 2022

El sáb, 5 nov 2022 a las 14:57, Rodelar (<>) escribió:

[This email contains important information on how you can submit the 10 nominees of your country to the international finale and the deadlines. Please forward this to your coordinators if need be.]

Dear national coordinators, jury coordinators,

Thank you for an amazing job in the past weeks and months in organizing what seems to have been yet again an amazing competition in almost 40 countries! It's great to see all the beautiful images that have been submitted. 

As you know, the international Wiki Loves Monuments competition is based on a federalized model: there's a national competition in each country, with a national organizing team, a national jury and national winners. The national jury determines up to (maximum) 10 images that will be submitted to the international finale. 

These ten images should be submitted via email to the international jury coordinator before the deadline: Unless you have agreed a different deadline with Krishna Chaitanya (in cc), this deadline is 30 November, 23:59 UTC. But if you like me, please send them at least a few days before that time. Submissions after this deadline are not guaranteed to be included in the finale. When submitting your finalists, please take these instructions into account:

* Submit no more than ten images per (national) competition. It is OK to submit less images, for example if you don't find enough images of high quality.

* Submit the images to:, and include in the CC at least one (additional) jury member besides yourself. Please also include Krishna Chaitanya in the cc. 

* If the results are still not public (if you plan to announce them later publicly), please add the planned announcement date. Please note that we will announce the international winners in January, and will not wait for national announcements.

* Submit for each image: URL, File name on Wikimedia Commons and Author username

* Check basic information about the images. It is NOT possible to replace finalists after the deadline!

** that the author has activated their email function on Wikimedia Commons. If we cannot email the user there, they may automatically forfeit any prize. You can help them by posting a message on their talk page, or tracking them down through social media.

** that the monument on the image is identified (preferably also described in English)

** that the image is freely licensed

If you want, there are opportunities to share your national winners also on the international blog. Please get in touch with either of us about this - more information about this soon.

Thanks a lot for your cooperation. After all nominees have been received, this will result in a pool of some 350-430 images for the international jury to consider. The jury will first rate all images with 1-5 stars, from which a top-40/60 will be considered. Then, the jurors will have the opportunity to remove images from the selection, which they consider unfit. Finally, they are asked to rank their top-25 images, and share their reasoning. We will create a jury report based on this information. We expect to announce the results in January.

We're looking forward to the judging process! 

With warm regards,

Rubén Ojeda

International jury coordinator, Wiki Loves Monuments 2022