Hi Anna,

as I understand from the email from Maarten, the category is not fully complete yet - perhaps it would be good to make sure with him when it will be before you start actually downloading. When it is, you can indeed use this tool very well. 

Kind regards,


No dia 18 de Outubro de 2011 10:48, Anna van den Broek <Anna.vandenBroek@kb.nl> escreveu:
Thank you! I'm glad you've created a tool like this, it's very useful.


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Verzonden: maandag 17 oktober 2011 16:30
Aan: Anna van den Broek
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> From: "Anna van den Broek" <Anna.vandenBroek@KB.nl>
> Dear all,____
> __ __
> My name is Anna van den Broek and I work at Europeana. Currently I'm
> working on the virtual Art Nouveau exhibition on Europeana which will
> contain a selection of photos from the Art Nouveau category from the
> Wiki Loves Monuments contest 2011. Therefore I would like to download
> the whole Art Nouveau category. To do that, I wanted to use the
> tool (http://toolserver.org/~platonides/catdown/catdown.php). I tried
> use the tool by pasting the link from the Art Nouveau
> page into the 'category' bar. When I do it like this I get the
> message: There are no images in that category. Could anyone please
> explain me how to use the Catdown tool? Or tell me what I'm doing

Hello Anna,
Just paste Art_nouveau_images_from_Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2011 not the
full url of the category.

I have added a note in such case pointing that you need to provide the

I'm glad to see my tool is being useful to you.


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