Hi all, sorry for not reading the whole conversation, 
maybe I missed what I'm going to ask you:

is the survey only Commons-based? 
I was thinking that it would maybe good to involve chapter/organizing teams
to spread the survey. 
Has someone already done it?



On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 10:29 AM, Platonides <platonides@gmail.com> wrote:
On 30/10/12 08:30, Jane Darnell wrote:
> Interesting reading, thanks for that analysis. I do prefer US-oriented
> news (like the NYtimes most-emailed-list) above other English, and I
> prefer NL Dutch above other English, so I guess it makes sense.

I find strange that it is used for showing news intended for one or
other countries. The accept-language header should not be used to
determine the locale [1] (or at least not be the sole way to do it).
But if that config is ok for you, just use it. Just be aware of the

1- http://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-accept-lang-locales

> The odd
> thing I asked myself was if my answers would have been different in
> English... I suppose my experience with uploading the US images was
> significantly different from uploading the Dutch ones, just because the
> identifier lookup method was so different.

We expected you to talk about both your Dutch and US experiences :)
I guess there may be some bias there for multi-country uploaders.

I took a look and we currently have 156 people claimng to have uploaded
from several countries out of 1293 answers.

In some cases they are claiming where it's only one: "it,other |
Italia", "ar,other | Argentina", "nl,other | Nederland".
In others I wonder how they managed to choose "Ukraine" (written just
above "United States") fill "other" (written just below) and yet not see
the United States checkbox: "ua,other | United States". Maybe they
thought they were clicking "United States". :/

Other people may have thought we asked about the photos uploaded to
Commons or the photos they had in their computers, instead of WLM ones:
"ca,fr,de,it,es,ua,us,other | Grèce, DOM (France) , Turquie , Portugal"

We also had three people marking the 35 countries (and another, 32). I
am a bit skeptical of those.
Can anyone translate «Dla wszystkich, które chciałyby skorzystać (co
wiąże się z licencją cc by-sa)» ?

> Great results!! How many responses did we get last year?

After removing duplicates, 784. We will easily double that.