The biggest problem was the database.

The app used the original database of monuments.

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On 05.07.2016 22:56, Lodewijk wrote:
Digging in my memory: The app was quite helpful, but it was a lot of work to build, iirc. And for the amount of work, it was not used/downloaded often enough to make it worth the while, I think the evaluation was. But Yuvi can probably say more helpful things on that (in cc)

The app (as a concept) relies heavily on the geo coordinates to be known - and therefore only will be helpful in countries with those coordinates in the database. 


2016-07-05 22:14 GMT+02:00 Jean-Frédéric <>:
(Email from the past!)

By curiosity I investigated this.

Does it perhaps still look for the database on the toolserver?

That appears to be the case. I have opened for this.

(Should we care about this app anyway?)

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