I've told Jcb about this discussion, reminded them to check for license blanking vandalism and asked if they can check the deleted edits of the license blanker in case they were able to get any other files deleted that way.

I'm not an admin on commons, but where I am an admin it would be expected that you would check the history of a file before deleting it.


On 30 January 2017 at 17:16, Maarten Dammers <maarten@mdammers.nl> wrote:

Hi Lodewijk,

On 30-01-17 17:28, Lodewijk wrote:

OK, so in this case the information was apparently removed by someone unrelated to the author - very odd - and deleted by an admin without further checking. I restored the image on the list of winners.
Some of the Commons admins, especially the one that deleted this image, are very sloppy. They seem to act more like robots than like a humans. I'm afraid we already lost quite a few good images to these people. This kind of behavior is hurting not only Wiki Loves Monuments, but Commons as a whole.


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