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Thanks for forwarding. It may be a good suggestion that they expand beyond the World Heritage Sites - Wikipedia is especially strong in the long tail, and that means all those national monuments. That is also where we have much less competition...


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FYI (+ possibly handy links).

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Dear Albrecht,
as an avid Eurostat consumer let me congratulate you for a very
interesting project, which will be of great interest not only to the
general population but also to direct consumers of Eurostat such as
* Europeana,
* the European Commission (for policy implications),
* EU governments (some of which supported Wiki Loves Monuments, e.g. for
* the Council of Europe (for their support for Wiki Loves Monuments).

Dan already pointed out what will be the best route for your to pursue
in the future, but let me point out what data and tools people have
needed and made available so far:
* for recent raw data,
https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Analytics/Data/Pagecounts-all-sites ;
* global usage of World Heritage Sites images: 190k usages for 24k
images (via
* pageviews in a wiki (e.g. English Wikipedia) for all articles
classified as world heritage sites on Wikidata: says ~3 M/month for ~800
articles (via WDQ claim[1435:9259] in Listeria > PagePile > TreeViews
* for Europeana, https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Europeana/Stats ;
* for WLM images accesses in all languages, e.g.
http://tools.wmflabs.org/glamtools/baglama2/#gid=60&month=201508 ;
* for multilingual pageviews of an individual topic, e.g.


Albrecht.Wirthmann@ec.europa.eu, 06/10/2015 11:35:
Dear Wikimedia Analytics team,
My name is Albrecht Wirthmann. I am working in a task team Big Data at
Eurostat. This is the European statistical office, which makes part of
the European Commission. The task team is exploring new data sources
for their feasibility of producing official statistics. We have been
looking at various internet data sources including Wikimedia. The idea
that we are currently following up is identifying Wikipedia pages in
English that are referring to World Heritage sites and to analyse the
number and development of page views of those pages as an indicator of
exposure to culture. For this purpose we downloaded the page views files
from _http://dumps.wikimedia.org/other/pagecounts-ez/_. The data should
be later on included in a pocket book showing statistics on culture in
the European Union.
I am contacting you to make you aware of our intentions, to ask if there
would be any concerns related to our project and to possibly have a chat
with you and your team to ask some technical questions and about the
possibility of getting some additional data. We would be interested in
page hits by country in order to be more specific on the statistics that
we would compile.
We would be very glad about a positive reply and remain at your disposal,
Kind regards,
Albrecht Wirthmann
TF Big Data
BECH building
5, rue Alphonse Weicker
L 2721 Luxembourg

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