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This year Wikimedia Poland tried something very new and different - Wiki Loves Monuments... Junior. It is a sub contest for our regular WLM aimed at students of elementary and secondary schools. The idea behind WLM Junior is to connect educational projects with WLM. We invited 11 schools to participate. Each school organized a Wikimedia Commons training and uploading session, some also organized photo-walks. The schools had  a separate Campaign created (
Overall WLM Junior brought 700 pictures (500 are now in the category, but 200 need to be recategorized since some students used the regular uploader) which is about 10% of all pictures in this year's WLM in Poland.
The pictures will now be judged by a special jury consisting of teenage photographers, Polish Teacher of the Year, an artist. We will give prizes in two age categories - younger than 14 years old and 14-18 years.
After the contest we will organize a special mobile photo exhibition which will visit all the participating schools.

You can read all about the project here:

Next year Wikimedia Poland will be organizing the project again and - if there will be some interest - we will be happy to make it global.

Let me know if you have any questions about WLM Junior :)


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