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On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 18:34, Maarten Dammers <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Development of the tooling is happening again. List of things I noticed:
* We now keep track of the wiki articles. This is either directly in a list or derived (thanks Raul)
* We now keep track of an url with more information about a monument. This is based on the identifier in the list (thanks Raul).
* The header template in a list can now be used for setting default values for the row template. For example you just set {{header template|municipality=hometown}}. For all the following rows you don't have to include the municipality. Requested by Alex, implemented today by me.
* I added support for gpx as an output format of the api. Still in need of some fixes, but Google already understands it. Some feedback would be nice. Example:
* The OpenStreetMap based map for WikiLovesMonuments is now available at . I made it available yesterday. It still needs improvements (like not always starting in Amsterdam).
* I altered the OSM map to understand most api parameters. For example all the monuments in Haarlem without an image:
* I added the "osm" output format to the api. This will just redirect you to the osm without your search options. For example all monuments in Amsterdam on the Prinsengracht without a photo:

Some things I would like:
* Further improvements of the map. For example a search option like at
* Tracking of images tagged with a monuments template at Commons ( and making this available through the api.

I'm thinking about creating a table monument_templates with the fields: lang, country and template. This would be a really small table based on with (lang, country) as primary key.
The second table would be monument_images with the fields: template, id, image. This would be a much bigger table containing all the images tagged with a tracker template. Not really sure what keys to set here for performance. Any thoughts?

In the api you should be able to request images based on country, lang and identifier. For example (nl, nl, 2390) should return,_Amsterdam.JPG (and maybe more images).

* The api should be able to return the formats, countries, props, etc, to automatically fill with the right fields.
* Toolbox should be improved.
* Internationalization should be improved.
* We should probably set up and

Anymore suggestions? Who wants to help? Docmeister, where to store this onwiki? ;-)


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