Dear all,


When reviewing the German and French versions, I have identified a few stumble stones you may want to watch out for when translating the questionnaire:


=> „through information in the Village pump“ – Refer to the equivalent for “Village Pump” in your language version of Wikipedia, otherwise people won’t understand what we are referring to (see the language links on: for likely translations)


=> „I’m a member of the organizing team / organization“ – Read: „I’m a member of the team / organization that was in charge of carrying out the contest.” Sorry, we probably should have put “of the organizing team/organization”


=> “I’m interested in participating in cooperation projects with local heritage institutions (libraries, archives, museums)” – Read: “I’m interested in participating in cooperation projects with (cultural) heritage institutions in my area / in my country” (and not: “with institutions dealing with local heritage”)


=> “City” – Use whatever word is commonly used in your language to designate “city / town / village / place of living” (and not: “city” in the literal sense)


Please let us know if you have met any other difficulties or if you have a question concerning the meaning of a particular sentence – the ambiguity of a question or an item may only become apparent when translating it into a particular language…


Thanks a lot for your help!






From: [] On Behalf Of Lodewijk
Sent: Montag, 11. November 2013 11:56
To: Wiki Loves Monuments Photograph Competition
Subject: [Wiki Loves Monuments] Please help translate the participant survey


Dear all,


please help translate the participant survey on . Translating should be quite easy, I'm doing it right now for Dutch. We are using the same software that is used for translating system messages for MediaWiki. 


Could you all please make sure that every language gets translated? Please note that you need at least two people to translate: one to make the initial translation, and one to 'check' the translations. Please log in before translating. 


We would like to aim for 7-10 days to get everything translated. After that, we want the participant survey to be sent out as soon as possible. 


Feel free to spread the message around and ask any questions you have. 


At this point, all languages can use help translating or proofreading translations.