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I don't know if this is the proper thread (I've just subscribed as recommended by Platonides, from WM-ES). I'm also working in the WLM organization and wanted to provide some information about the category handling in the monument lists in the Spanish Wikipedia. It covers all the Spanish territory (although the Catalan Wikipedia provides a more fine-grained listing for the monuments in Catalonia, the Valencia and  the Balearic Islands).

The situation of the monument lists in the Spanish Wikipedia is as follows:
  • Lists are made of {{tl|Fila BIC}} templates. There is one 'Fila LIC' per monument.
  • If available, the monument code is included by means of the 'bic' parameter. The value for the key 'bic' is the monument code. This code is usually the argument of the {{tl|BIC}} template in commons.
  • If there is a commons category for the monument, it's in the 'categoría-Commons' parameter. See an example below:
{{Fila BIC
 | nombre = '''[[Casa de las Alhajas]]''' 
 | nombrecoor = Casa de las Alhajas 
 | bic = 07084.01S 
 | tipobic =  
 | tipo = Bien Inmueble 
 | municipio =  
 | lugar = [[Plaza de San Martín (Madrid)|Plaza de San Martín]], 1<br />28023 [[Madrid]] 
 | lat = 40.418153 | lon = -3.706958 
 | fecha = {{fecha|29|03|2011}} 
 | categoría-Commons = Casa de las Alhajas, Madrid 
 | imagen = Casa de las Alhajas (Madrid) 02.jpg
  • If such a category does not exist yet (no or very few pictures yet, nobody is aware of the availability of pictures...) auxiliary categories have been defined, with the following names: categoría-Commons-auxiliar, categoría-Commons-auxiliar1, categoría-Commons-auxiliar2 and categoría-Commons-defecto. See an example below:
{{Fila BIC 
 | nombre = '''[[Ensanche de Madrid|Palacete tipo promovido por el Marqués de Salamanca en el Ensanche]]''' 
 | nombrecoor = Inmueble en la calle Villanueva, 18 
 | bic = N/D 
 | tipobic =  
 | tipo = Bien Inmueble 
 | municipio =  
 | lugar = Calle de Villanueva, 18<br />28001 [[Madrid]] 
 | lat = 40.422437 | lon = -3.687604 
 | fecha = {{fecha|21|03|2012}} 
 | categoría-Commons = 
 | categoría-Commons-defecto=Cultural heritage monuments with local protection in the Community of Madrid 
 | categoría-Commons-auxiliar=1860s buildings in Madrid 
 | categoría-Commons-auxiliar1=Neoclassical buildings in Madrid 
 | categoría-Commons-auxiliar2=Mansions in Madrid 
 | categoría-Commons-auxiliar3=Buildings in Recoletos neighborhood, Madrid 
 | imagen = Calle de Villanueva nº 18 (Madrid) 01.jpg
  • If there is a value for 'categoría-Commons', it must override any existing auxiliary category. That is, auxiliary (and default) categories must be considered if and only if 'categoría-Commons' does not exist or is empty.

However, at the moment, we're in the process of filling the category parameters in the monument lists. Most of them may be empty yet.

Hope this helps. Feel free to come back with any question or comment.

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On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 2:03 PM, Jean-Frédéric <jeanfrederic.wiki@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Vicenç,

BTW, I am not sure how it works if the template commonscat has its parameter migrated to Wikidata.

This functionality was added a week agoo − see [T110003]. If the bot finds a {{Commonscat}} (or equivalent template) without parameter, it will try to find it in Wikidata (by going to the Wikidata item linked to the list and checking P373).


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