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Onderwerp: [WikimediaMobile] Removing Wiki Loves Monuments from the Android App store
Datum: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 15:45:20 -0800
Van: Tomasz Finc <>
Aan: mobile-l <>

This is a heads up that the Wikimedia Mobile team is going to be un- publishing the WLM app from the Google Play store.

Practically this means that you will no longer be able download the WLM app from the market. You *will* still be able to download all previous releases from :

This change will not affect any of our current users.

Why are we doing this? The app was specifically crafted and resourced with an expiration date of the WLM contest. Now that WLM has fully wrapped up we'd like to take what we've learned and apply all of our energy to meeting our annual goal of 1,000 photo uploads / month. In order to do this we need to take what we've learned from the WLM app and channel it into a more generic mobile web and app experience. This requires us to free up resources that would be supporting the app for bug fixes, legal updates, etc.

What does this mean to the existing users? Nothing much. The mobile team put in a redirect so that the app works with the tool server now. That will make it so that no existing users are interrupted for the life time of the TS.

As the mobile team executes on the next six months were keenly interested in building solutions that can easily work for WLM in the future.

Stay update with what were working on by following the engineering report: