The survey was originally planned to be deployes at the end of October. At this point we will deploy as soon as it is sufficiently translated and set up on the server. 

The feedbacks will become available as soon as they have been processed by the students (assuming this still fits their timeline) or when someone gets around to processing. At this point I have no clear deadlines in sight. 


2013/11/11 <>
Hi Lodewijk,

I have finished translation for Thai.  Thai proofreader(s) will take
their time to do their job.  There are limited Thai users on

BTW, When will this survey be deployed? When will the national team
see the feedbacks?


On 11 November 2013 17:56, Lodewijk <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> please help translate the participant survey on
> . Translating should be quite easy, I'm doing it right now for Dutch. We are
> using the same software that is used for translating system messages for
> MediaWiki.
> Could you all please make sure that every language gets translated? Please
> note that you need at least two people to translate: one to make the initial
> translation, and one to 'check' the translations. Please log in before
> translating.
> We would like to aim for 7-10 days to get everything translated. After that,
> we want the participant survey to be sent out as soon as possible.
> Feel free to spread the message around and ask any questions you have.
> At this point, all languages can use help translating or proofreading
> translations.
> Best,
> Lodewijk
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