Thanks, Jean-Frédéric!  I did not know about your tool.  I did spend some time looking for a tool on Commons, most specifically here[1], but didn't find anything appropriate.  It did not occur to me to just grep GitHub, though. :)

Anyhow, my tool is on GitHub too[2], although it's incomplete.  The category mode is working fine, but it was originally started (long ago) as a downloader for preparing images for offline Wikipedia editions, based on an article list, and supporting multiple parallel downloaders, and that part is incomplete.  I'll get around to finishing that Some Day Soon. 

But if anyone wants to use the tool and has questions, I'm happy to help.



On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 3:53 AM, Jean-Frédéric <> wrote:
 Hi Asaf,

Based on this need, I'm building a downloader tool (as a volunteer; this isn't done in my WMF role) to help create such collections of reduced-resolution (any size you want) images for a given Commons category.  It's not quite ready for use, but in the meantime I've created the collection you wanted in the size you specified.  It is 157 megabytes in size, and you can download it (in a 7-Zip[1] archive) from here[2].

You might want to check out my CommonsDownloader <>

It quite does that, except for the category thing but it would be fairly trivial to add.

Java users may also be interested in Édouard Hue implementation


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