The program is live, so now about lunchtime meet-up on Friday or Saturday? We should decide soon, otherwise all rooms will be occupied.


śr., 6 cze 2018 o 11:53 Isla Haddow Flood <> napisał(a):
Hello All, and Lodewijk

Great question!! Sorry that it didn’t make it through - I know that space is tight and there were a huge number of submissions. Perhaps we can get this as an official meet-up. 

I also really like Lily’s idea, of having either dinner or perhaps lunch together. I think that would wok best (being on the LOC, I am not sure I can make it, but I know the value of this programme and I will try my hardest to be there!!). i am going to find out where and how people earmark or advertise their meet ups. Will get back to you as soon as I know.

I think we should definitely ask this question on the African Wikimedians list … Lodewijk are you on that list?


On 06 Jun 2018, at 8:32 AM, Lodewijk <> wrote:

Hi Shola,

Thanks for your enthusiasm - I would greatly welcome your help in making this happen. Could you involve the relevant platforms in this conversation? I always feel that an 'insider' posting works better than an outsider like me barging in :) I'd love to hear a bit more how people want to have this conversation in a way that works best for them to participate (also online!). 


On Tue, Jun 5, 2018 at 11:24 PM, Olushola Olaniyan <> wrote:
Hi all, 

Good to hear about this move and I believe it will worth the effort.  

I agree with the proposition of physical meeting.In doing this,  we need to engage some us from Africa coming to the conference  asap.  

One of the key platform is to use the African mailing list and the Indaba facebook group. 

If you need help in this regard,  I can be of assistance. 

Still thinking...  


On Jun 6, 2018 7:11 AM, "Lily" <> wrote:
Hi Lodewijk,

Thanks for kicking this off.

I think it's great to use the opportunity of being physically in Cape
Town and having the broader African community present to get together.
I would be really sad if we miss this opportunity (and I know you
would, too).

How about the following? Do you think it can work that the
international team sets up a (potentially invitation only event) where
we invite (potential) African organizers for a meal (ideally dinner)
to spend some time together and talk. I like the mix of talk over
food: we all need to eat ;), and a more casual framework can help us
open up more easily towards each other. This will also help us take
our time and spend 2-3 hours together, as opposed to rushing from one
room to the next.


On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 12:28 PM, Lodewijk <> wrote:
> Hey all,
> As some of you probably know, one of my goals is this year to find better
> approaches to how we can make Wiki Loves Monuments a success in African
> countries (especially sub-Saharan).
> I proposed a roundtable discussion to get a conversation with the key
> stakeholders going as a continuation of the conversation we started at Wiki
> Indaba.
> Unfortunately, my proposal to have a round table discussion on making Wiki
> Loves Monuments thrive in Africa was rejected for Wikimania this year
> (forced to 'merge' with a presentation/workshop with different audience).
> I'd like to see if there is another way we can have this important
> conversation. If we can't have this when Wikimania is in Africa, when can
> we?! So if it can't be in the program, what other methods do you see to make
> this happen? I have some ideas, but would love to hear more thoughts!
> Please leave your ideas here:
> Thanks!
> Best,
> Lodewijk
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