Dear Lodewijk :
In the Catalan Wikipedia are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Catalan edition along with the 10th anniversary of the wiki you can see the whole series of events that we make in . Among these is the mentioned first digital photography competition of Alghero.

This contest is held together with  Alghero city  (the jury will be chaired by the Mayor and has requested and obtained the permission of various organizations such as protected areas and natural parks). The contest helds the participation and collaboration of public institutions of Alghero. The gestation of the competition is prior to the call of the European WML.

Legal Questions:
From WM-IT people who organized this competition received an email indicating the legal questions surrounding the Italian legislation: known the doubt we will get in touch with the councill of Alghero and the council's attorney has assured us that the photographs of the monuments does not violate any law and that could be made freely.

Use of WML:
The text reads: "The competition wants to celebrate 10 years of Wikipedia in Catalan at the same time showing the accession of the Catalan community of Wikipedians international project in Sardinia, in this sense we consider our prize inserted into the Wikimedia Mind Campaign "Wiki Loves Monuments."

WLM has been cited as a specific request from people who are working on this: our intention was to promote competition by making the WLM  know by the
participating in the contest  trying to improve someone interested in this. Simply.

Organization of the photos upload system:
Since the contest takes place outside Alghero contest dates WML we considered that it was based on organitzariem more comfortable for all who are involved in organizing the competition. In agreement with the sponsors are organizing the mail system for later upload pictures to commons (Amical people that will work).

I hope my response clarifies doubts despite my bad English.


Al 09/03/2011 0:02, En/na Lodewijk ha escrit:

I am sorry, but something has been miscommunicated I am afraid. By accident, I found out about'Alguer_a_la_Viquipèdia/it . It says a few things I am not really happy about. First of all, it uses "Wiki loves Monuments" for a quite general competition, starting next week. It is of course up to the local organizers to organize contests, but please if you want to make it a Wiki Loves Monuments, then stick to roughly the same time frame and rule sets. If you persist in a different timeframe, it is a different contest, and I would appreciate it if you would avoid confusion with Wiki Loves Monuments. 

Second, there were concerns expressed about the legal status of such contest in Italy, which was the reason for Wikimedia Italia (unfortunately) to not participate because they considered it legally impossible because of Italian copyright. As far as I am aware, Alguer lies in Italy, and falls under Italian law. Therefore, I am doubtful about this - I don't say it is impossible, but it definitely needs more time. 

Thirdly, it uses *email* as submission method. This is problematic in several ways. It does not provide an easy workflow, does not familiarize people with Wikimedia's uploading system, and put wikipedia down as having an editorial council, which accepts content by email. I would find it very unwise to offer this as main upload tool. Tools will be developed in all participating languages in due time, but you will have to stick to the same timeframe for that. 

Finally, I see big issues with requesting such private data of contestants - you are asking for social security numbers etc - I am not sure this is covered properly by the WMF privacy policy, but personally I would find this totally unacceptable both as a contestant and as an organizer. 

Of course I might have misinterpreted the page, my Italian is existing of a few words, and I need to use translation devices to properly understand the page, but there seem to be some big issues. Is there anyone here who is responsible for this contest and who can perhaps explain and help solve the misunderstandings? 


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