Dear all,

thanks a lot again for all your help. We intend to accept translations until 1800 UTC, this Saturday (please don't go close to the deadline, we might be one hour early or later :) ). I understood from Platonides that he has to export the translations, so after it goes live, adding new translations is harder. 

Please make sure everything is translated before Saturday! We hope to let the survey go live Saturday evening. 

Something I forgot to ask: we also put together an invitation message to be posted on the talkpages of all participants. You can find it here:
and a reminder here:

This is only one short message, and it would also have to be translated :) Your help here would be greatly appreciated too!

Thanks for all the help! Under here the overview of translation status of the survey itself. 

If you know people who like to translate in one of the missing languages, please forward! 


For the following languages no translation has been made at all:
(tier 1) Afrikaans, Azerbaijani, Chinese (zh), Hindi, Nepali, Norwegian (no), Penguinian, Serbian (Latin script, sr-el), Slovak, 
(tier 2) Chinese (zh-cn), Chinese (zh-hk), Chinese (zh-tw), Chinese (yue), American English (en-us), Galician, Kannada, Lower Sorbian, Malayalam, Northern Sotho, Norwegian (nn), Occitan, Scottish Gaelic, Silesian, Tamil, Telugu, Tswana, Upper Sorbian

For the following languages, some translations have been made - but more is needed:
(tier 1) Chinese (zh-hans), Estonian, Serbian (Cyrillic script, sr-ec), Luxembourgish, Polish, Tagalog, 
(tier 2) Asturian, Bengali, Breton, Marathi
(other, no priority) Interlingua, Japanese, Persian, Yiddish, Zazaki

For the following languages are fully translated or only proofreading is necessary:
(tier 1) Arabic, Armenian, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian
(tier 2) Esperanto, Welsh
(other) Macedonian

2013/11/11 Lodewijk <>
Dear all,

please help translate the participant survey on . Translating should be quite easy, I'm doing it right now for Dutch. We are using the same software that is used for translating system messages for MediaWiki. 

Could you all please make sure that every language gets translated? Please note that you need at least two people to translate: one to make the initial translation, and one to 'check' the translations. Please log in before translating. 

We would like to aim for 7-10 days to get everything translated. After that, we want the participant survey to be sent out as soon as possible. 

Feel free to spread the message around and ask any questions you have. 

At this point, all languages can use help translating or proofreading translations.