This is the third or fourth time I have heard of difficulties creating lists on non-US Wikipedia's for registered national heritage. I feel quite sure that this is probably due to some notability problem such as how to prove the items on the list are indeed notable.

In my view, you can best get around this as a new WLM participant by beginning with the low-hanging-fruit, which is the list of heritage sites that already have articles on your Wikipedia, augmented of course by any World Heritage Sites you may have in your area. Use their sources for starters, just to get your list-making infrastructure up&running. Whatever country you are from, making the lists is a long and difficult task, so the easiest way to get others to help you is to start as early as possible creating the first few lists and their associated templates.

You can even start out on the English Wikipedia. I feel quite confident that the World Heritage will already be listed there, and creating your first Table Header and Table Row templates will be easier using the English examples for other countries (pick one with the closest fit), which you can then translate (or ask some local template wizard to help out with this).

I just clicked on the Hebrew, and had some difficulty finding the edit button, but I see that indeed the lists aren't there. I agree with Maarten, you will need to conform as quickly as possible to the central infrastructure, or your work won't make it into the database!

Good luck!

2012/7/5 Cristian Consonni <>
2012/7/3 Deror Avi <>:
> As to lists - unfortunately Hebrew Wikipedia does not allow lists. We would
> need to arrange some exception for this.

Maybe you could create a Wikiproject:WLM and put lists there.