Wow! I must say that I am very impressed by the amount of activities that you organized during such a short timespan. Well done!

Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 12:35:41 -0700
Subject: [Wiki Loves Monuments] Update from WLM Israel

Dear all,

I wish to update regarding WLM in Israel.

The competition took place during the month of Tishrei (mid September to mid October) , during which 6,097 images were uploaded to the commons.

The most photographed monuments were, as expected, the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, the Tower of David in Jerusalem, and Jaffa Port. 

During the month of the competition we also held 20 events including two photography workshops (sponsored by the Galitz school of photography), 18 guided tours (sponsored by the Council for Heritage Sites in Israel), and two tours at the Israel Museum (the museum allowed free entrance to the participants). about 400 people participated in the events. Our volunteers chaperoned the tours ready to answer all questions about the competition.

500 people visited our both at  a photography fare, 800 people wrote to us requesting information about the tours, 600 joined our mailing lists.

We also had 20 newspaper articles (some of which internet newspapers and some printed), participated in 6 radio shows and 2 television programs, talking about the competition.

Following the competition a Portal was created in Hebrew Wikipedia to host the lists of sites, and the best images taken.

As to the judging - our volunteers shifted through the 6,000 uploads choosing 250 photographs for the 9 judges (three professional photographers, two of which from the Galitz School, two professional site conservation experts from the National council, and four Wikipedians). The judges rated the photographs choosing 30, and then from those chose the top 10. The three images that got the highest points will receive monetary prices (NIS 5,000 (about $1,250), NIS 3,000 and NIS 2,000). The Israeli Internet Association conducted its own judging allowing the general public to vote on its most favorite image, which will receive NIS 2,000.

The results will be published at our awards ceremony which will take place on 7th November and will include a tour of old Jaffa, a cocktail and an exhibition of the 10 winning photographs and the people's choice. 

Following the awards ceremony, the exhibition will be hung at the gallery of the Diezengoff Centre shopping mall in Tel Aviv until 1st December.

We wish to thank our volunteers who helped with the tours, and with creating the lists of monuments (as you may recall we had to create the lists for the competition - none exited before it). We especially want to thank Yan who has created the judging system used by us and other countries.

We further wish to thank the international competition team for their support and assistance, and their patience with our many questions.



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