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this is the range of prizes from last year and we hope to get a similar package available this year - but that is pending budget availability and a bit more discussion. Especially the trip to London might be less popular this year in many (European) participating countries, so this might need some further discussion. I suggest not to communicate international prizes yet, but we hope to have something in the same range. 

The same goes for the jury: we hope to have a similar qualified jury, but our timeline is that we will only finalize the jury by August, so don't expect a definite jury before then. 

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2013/5/28 Saqib Qayyum <saqib.qayyum@hotmail.com>
Thanks Monica,
But i've been told by Nadar from India that "The first prize winner will win a trip to Wikimania 2014 (London), and other winners will receive vouchers (as it is difficult to pay in cash), probably in few 100 dollars. 2nd prize winner will get 400USD, 3rd 300USD, 4th 250USD and so on"

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