Hi Raul,

an imporant aspect of the image competition is that the images have to be able to be used on the local Wikipedia - therefore it is important that they are allowed under local law (we dont want people to do something illegal). 

To keep it simple, we should try to do all uploading on Wikimedia Commons (this allows shared tools, simplified messaging and participation by tourists when they get home and dont speak estonian) - and therefore all images should *also* be allowed under Commons policies. 

I hope that is clear :) If you have a specific situation in mind, I would welcome you to share it. 

With kind regards,


2011/4/19 Raul Kern <raunator@gmail.com>

did I understand correctly, that pictures taking part from national
WLM competition have to follow the copyright rules on local Wikipedia.

And from European competition can take part only pictures that are
free enough for Wikimedia Commons.


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