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2012/8/31 Strainu <strainu10@gmail.com>
Tamás, you were very fortunate to at least get a response from the
government. :) We are organizing WLM in Romania without any support or
official response from the government and I encourage you to do the
same, if there aren't other insurmountable difficulties.

Exactly the same here. In my case, I wrote several times to the Culture Ministry asking for monument lists/suppor/broadcasting and they never answered anything. In fact, I wrote to several government entities and only one of them (the national library) ever answered (thanking me for the information; no support).

Now, I don't completely understand the problem with the lists. If you have already organized the contest last year, why not use the same lists?
The issue is that last year they were very protective of their list (on the hand they have been hurt before with messed up cooperations, on the other hand as a default and safest attitude in protecting the "national data treasure") and we got permission to use the list only in connection with last year's contest (so we couldn't upload the lists on Wikipedia and legally can't reuse the database, even if we had it backed up).

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Even if at the end you can't participate (I'm afraid is too late for it ), good work for trying, and for struggling with burocracy. It's not easy to do.


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