2012/10/8 Strainu <strainu10@gmail.com>
2012/10/8 Андрій Бондаренко <a1@wikimediaukraine.org.ua>:
> Dear colleges,
> I notice that statistic "incorrect statistic by number of identifiers not in
> the lists" in
> http://toolserver.org/~platonides/wlm/uploads.php?source=commons&author=2271549&country=ua
> is incorrect. For example according to this tool the most prominent
> ukrainian uploader WoxBox has 441photo "with identifiers not in the lists"
> but it is not true, You could look at this list and find that most of these
> 441 photo in fact are present in our list. Could you fix it? It is vrey
> importatnt because we have nominations for users with most number of
> different listed identifiers.

This is very likely to be a problem with the monument database. Is
there something "strange" with these identifiers (non-standard format,
previous codes included in these fields etc.)? I've seen this happen
if the identifiers are larger than the database field, which sometimes
happens when more information is included in these fields than just
the code.

Iidentifiers themselves look OK, but it is strange and even offensive for participants that listed identifiers are counted as not listed.

Regards, Andrij