Hi Charles,

this is something we're looking into on an international level - I'm not sure how easily we can provide it on a per-country basis (that depends on the amount of work it requires). If someone could produce the user lists both per-country and total, I could see what I can do. Ideally of course, also for 2010, and 2011.


2013/4/26 Charles Andrès <charles.andres.wmch@gmail.com>
Hi all,
I'm looking for a tools to get the statistic of the user that participate in the last edition.

What I would like is a way to enter the list of all participant for switzerland, and retrieve at least: 
*the date of registration for each participant (new wikimedian?) 
*the last edit of each participant (still a wikimedian?)

Thanks a lot to the one who saved me!


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