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If there is sufficient interest from the community, I will propose a workshop on the WLM participants‘ survey and the insights we can gather from it.

I think it is important that as many people involved in the organization of WLM 2012 and WLM 2013 as possible take part in the workshop, so we can get some collective sense making going.


So please sign up on the proposal page if you are interested:


It would certainly also be possible to present the results from the organizers’ survey during the same workshop (possibly asking for a bit more time). Please let me know if that would be an option.


Concerning the participants’ survey in 2014, we discussed with John Andersson about having one survey for all photo contests during this year.

Please let me know what you think. – Whether a participants’ survey will be carried out this year at all, will probably also depend on the interest among WLM organizers. It’s a lot of work; so I would suggest doing it only if there is a concrete demand for it. Any feedback is appreciated.


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