Update from Sweden

As Lars Aronsson has told 5137 monuments in Sweden now listed in the Swedish language Wikipedia with unique IDs, names, and municipality, most of
them also with coordinates (97 %) and other details. We will launch our website in the coming days and send out a joint press release with our partners.

We will have our awards ceremony at the Nordiska museet, which is very good news. It is not only a great museum, but also a fantastic building.

I have a question:

Can we accept images in the contest on items that do not have a unique ID?

In Sweden we have many buildings that are protected at the local level, because of its historical value, but are not necessary included in the National Heritage Board's records. We also have protected ships, and other types of monuments (such as statues, and ancient monuments). We also have Fornminnesregistret (National Ancient Remains register) containing more than 1.7 million entries.

Arild Vågen

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Ämne: Re: [Wiki Loves Monuments] update per country - Sweden?

Hi Arild,

Any update from Sweden? Looking forward to hearing about it!


Op 20-6-2011 8:47, A V schreef:

Unclear? No! 

We have a partnership with the National Heritage Board and the Nordicmuseeet, and working on the final details on the format of the competition. We have started advertising the contest, both on Wikipedia and our bloghttp://www.wikilovesmonuments.se redirected so far to projects page, but only temporarily.

Tomorrow we will meet with the National Heritage Board and discuss among other things, their databases and how we can use them in the competition.

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