Thanks Bodhi, they were very interesting sessions!

I checked with the organisation and WMDE will have them all available through their YT channel later, but since they are recording the whole WikidataCon weekend, it will take some time to edit and upload all of the material. They will become available in due time on the WMDE YT channel, and I assume they'll be uploaded on Commons as well.

Today's sessions were:
* Wikidata in Ireland, WLM and beyond! (Rebecca O'Neill)
* Structured data, structured photos – SDC for WLM (Alicia Fagerving)
* Structured contest data for campaigns (Susanna Ånä)
* Wikidata at the heart of Wiki Loves Monuments: a Brazilian experience (Éder Port)
* Field photography in Bahia, Brazil before and after Wikidata as a tool to organize Wiki Loves Monuments in Brazil (Paul Burley)
* Wiki Loves Monuments discussion (Rebecca, Paul, Éder)

I think most if not all of you are on this mailing list, and I want to thank you for sharing your work and enthusiasm about our photo competition at today's WikidataCon! 👍

Vriendelijke groet,

Op za 30 okt. 2021 om 11:49 schreef Bodhisattwa Mandal <>:

For those who have not noticed, WikidataCon 2021 has 6 sessions on WLM today. The sessions have already started. The program schedule is here -

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