Jason: if I click on Update decisions, it doesn't save anything. That means if I click then on Show my reviewed images, there are none. 


2012/10/1 Racso <racso@colombia.com>
2012/9/30 Jason Spriggs <jason@jasonspriggs.com>
Until I have all of your countries setup, here is some to test:Until I have all of your countries setup, here is some to test:

Looks pretty nice and useful! Thanks for the good work.

Some suggestions:
1. Three pictures are too wide for my screen, so the third picture of each row appears off-screen and I must use the h-scrollbar to see it. That isn't desirable, I think, as makes the process slow. I would suggest using 2 pictures per row, or, better yet, to allow the user to pick a number of pics-per-row.
2. I would change the "X" ("No") button for a "Skip" button, and make the "No" to be the default (i.e., if the user doesn't mark a picture, it's because it's discarded; if he wants to leave it for later, he must mark it with the "Skip" button). That way, filtering would be faster and less tedious (less clics per page).
3. Not sure about this one, but yet I put it here: What about removing the "check" button ("Yes") and allow users to click directly in the images to select them as good? For the full-view, the image link below the image can be used. This would also make the selection faster (clicking the big image is a lot easier than "aiming" and clicking the small button).

For now, that's all.


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