I have visited voting page earlier as well, and I love some of these pictures!

(But there is no mill :))


On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 22:51, Анастасия Львова <stasielvova@gmail.com> wrote:
Winners of Russian part of the competition:
(http://ru.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=WLM-RU11winners/en - in

The competition in Russia was somewhat special: 90% of our users were
newbies (and all the winners are among them), and we started late. The
competition was newbie-oriented, and many nominations were thought
with maximizing the number of photos in mind: whole buildings,
panoramas, building details, amateur shots (that’s important for the
newcomers), detailed picturing of a building or a whole architectural
complexes… Several nomination places were granted to the partners who
have their opinion on what’s important as well.

Wikipedia community already says that most valuable pictures from this
competition are pictures of ruins and rare pictures, as it most
closely matches the goals of Wikipedia; we understand that
professionals’ look may be totally different. But our winners form a
full-fledged portrait of the city, show its look and appearance. We
think of the competition as a success.

It was one of the first GLAM projects in Russia. It was much of a
pilot project, and now we have lots of things to think about.

Tomorrow, on 2nd of November, we open an exhibition in the center of
Petersburg with photos from the competition. We will use QRpedia, and
we don’t know of any other freely licensed or QRpedia-enabled
exhibitions in Russia; we also don’t know about mills in Petersburg :)
The exhibition will stay until 14th of December; then it will be moved
to Helsinki.