Alternatively, closing the browser and restarting your laptop usually helps as well.

Geolocation is based on the country where you first connected to the website in the current session. If you started your current session in Denmark (say, travelling after Wikimania) and did not restart your computer since, you will get a banner for WLM Denmark, and in addition you can get Google results localised to Denmark, some ads (e.g. Facebook) in Danish etc.

Mykola (NickK)

--- Оригінальне повідомлення ---
Від кого: "Romaine Wiki" <>
Дата: 1 вересня 2019, 14:20:37


WikiDaheim 2019 has there own separate banner that links to their landing page, so therefore the WLM banner is not targeting Austria.

The geolocated banners in the CentralNotice are targeting people depending on IP address or cookies. This can result in the situation that someone who travelled from one country to another, still sees the banner of the country where this individual has been before, instead of the actual country where this individual connects to the internet.

Deleting cookies has resolved in the past this kind of issues.


Op zo 1 sep. 2019 om 14:01 schreef Samat <>:
Hi Philip,

CentralNotices for WLM are handled by Romaine.

What I don't undertand, that Austria is not in the list of targeted countries:
   case 'AT':
     url = '';


On Sun, 1 Sep 2019 at 13:07, Philip Kopetzky <> wrote:

whoever thought it was a good idea to link from Austria to WLM in Denmark, could you please just deactivate the banner for Austria? Thank you :-)


On Sat, 31 Aug 2019 at 11:28, effe iets anders <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

With the help of Seddon at the WMF we have been working over the past while to redesign the banners to make them more effective over a range of devices, use standing best practices from fundraising on what we think is effective, and make it more feasible to test effectiveness down the line. 

This means that the banners will be redesigned a bit compared to what you may have been used to. We will use a default design as usual, that you will be able to see here (adjust language and country code to play with it), with a logo on the left and a standardized and translated text in the middle. By default, we will not show an image on the right (due to visibility concerns). 
Note that there are some known issues such as wrong url which should disappear once the banner goes 'live'. 

This does mean that we'll have to be more conservative with requests to tweak the design a little without really good reasons. For example, we will keep the logo on the left and the color scheme of the banner consistent across countries. This will help with branding, but the most important thing is that it will help with scaling (all the different requests make it harder and harder to maintain). 

If you have a particularly good reason for your country, it is again possible to change the text and the image on the right for your country. You can request this here. I know some countries have requested very particular changes (different background colors, border colors) which will unfortunately not be an option right now. We expect that the new design will overall still be an improvement for everyone. 

Good luck with the last bits of the preparations!

(on behalf of the international team)
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