Thanks for the update Tomasz!

Vriendelijke groet,

2012/2/3 Platonides <>
On 03/02/12 22:40, Tomasz Kozłowski wrote:
> However, because of the Christmas & New Year holiday season and some
> additional changes to the project, the calendars arrived at WMPL's
> office as late as January 16.  And then, a catastrophic miscommunication
> has happened in Wikimedia Polska's side, for which I am the only one to
> be blamed -- so please accept my sincere apologies.
> I would also like to assure you that we have learned our lesson and will
> draw all the neccessary conclusions not to make this situation happen
> again in the future.
> == Technical details ==
> The calendars are A4 in size...

Heh, I though this was going to be the details of the miscommunication,
starting to say how some greedy intern replaced the calendar
destinations in the internal systems to keep them for himself, which
would then sell on ebay as "unique items"  ;)

I'm glad they are finally moving. Thanks for all your work on these, Tomasz.
Just in case... here it is an armor for you to wear.

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