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Since this thread seems to just be about Estonia, I looked up what is available now on Commons for Estonia, and there are lots of buildings there already with this template:
pasted above the category here:
When I read the text of that template it just says that buildings whose architect died more than 70 years ago can be photographed for Commons. However, I see that here
it states that in Estonia, the fair use policy applies to ALL buildings, not just the ones younger than death-of-architect-plus-70-years, EXCEPT when the building is not the main subject of the photo. 

This sounds like the Italian situation and therefore that all photos in that category need to be deleted if "the building is the main subject". 

The way I interpret this now is that this photo
should be deleted, but this one
is OK (view of the lake in the distance is the subject)

The way to technically get around this one is to make sure that the object is NOT the main subject of the photo. Then all is well.

hope it helps,

2011/4/26 Lodewijk <lodewijk@effeietsanders.org>
Yes, that would definitely leave us with some implications: 
* People would have to preselect their upload platform based on copyright information
* Those could not upload through Flickr etc (because CCBYSA etc cannot be applied directly) 
* Tourists would not be allowed to upload under this doctrine because they do not fall under Estonian law - so you would have to check for this too
* You have to be quite sure that this is really legally sane (I believe you on your word, but just realize this)
* It probably makes showing images on a map etc technically and graphically more challenging because you are working from multiple sources and you need to display them differently

I don't want to tell you what to do or not to do, but I do hope that you thought about resolving these issues in an as simple as possible way :) 



2011/4/26 Platonides <platonides@gmail.com>
Raul Kern wrote:
> As I said in first posting
> 1) pictures that are allowed for local Wikipedia should be eligible
> for WLM local competition. Keep It Simple Stupid principle for local
> participiants -- they should not know the details about Freedom of
> Panorama in local Copyright Law.
> 2) And pictures that are allowed to Commons are only eligble for
> pan-European WLM competition.
> If the 1 and 2 don't match, then the additional technical complexity
> will be up to local organisers to handle.
> --
> Raul

That's more or less my opinion.
* Only images allowed in commons are eligible for the pan-European WLM
* The local competition MAY additionally accept images not allowed in
commons. They should nonetheless be allowed in at least one of the
wikipedias designated as local in that competition.

That second point seems a can of worms, though. I think the organisers
should consider the implications very carefully before allowing more images.

In summary, the subset of allowed images would be at least the commons
rules and at most, the local wikipedia rules, with intermediate such as
only allowing in the competition some of the rationales available in a
local wikipedia.

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