Hi everyone, 

I am a Brazilian monument conservator, who lives in Germany. Recently I joined Wikimedia and as a member of the Project Let's go digital, Beuron Art, I am photographing German murals outside Germany and writing new articles about Churches with this style of mural painting.

I identified that in Rio de Janeiro there is a chapel with extremely rare frescoes in this style, which is abandoned and in need of restoration. It so happens that the US Embassy in Brazil has a call for funding for restoration projects. At the request of the chapel owner, 
I wrote a pro bono project to submit for this funding. :)

However, a non-profit international institution or organization is required to be the legal candidate for this project at the US embassy in Brazil. No financial assistance is required, but support from a non-profit institution. 
Can anyone with experience in this area suggest any institutions? Could Wikimedia Deutschland e.V through WikiLovesMonuments support us?

Best Regards,
Carolina Bayer

Historian | Heritage Conservation
Wilhelmsruher Damm 100 | 13439 Berlin
Tel.: +49 175 4465034