Here's the email for the other survey (looked innocent enough to me!):
Dear Jane,

We are a group of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We are interested in the impact of copyright free media on a variety of different industries. In my current project our team is studying the impact that Wikipedia Loves Monuments and other similar projects that make free images of geographic places are having on our society. With a view to better understanding how such projects work and how exactly they achieve their objectives. We are interested in interviewing certain key Wikipedians that make such projects possible.

I am writing this email to see if you would be willing to be interviewed to guide us in conducting in our research. I am including a link to a Google form with 6 (short) questions about WLM. Your replies would be invaluable in helping us understand how free media is transforming one important sector of our economy tourism, and helping people discover new monuments and places of interest.

You can find the interview questions here :

Thank you again for reading this email and looking forward to receiving your replies.

Yunzhi Gao

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2012/10/29 Lodewijk <>
Hi Jane,

could you provide a link to more information about that first survey? I'm a bit surprised that someone organized a survey like that without contacting us at all... (and quite inpolite at the least)



2012/10/28 Jane Darnell <>
Thanks for the quick reply! My preferences on commons are in English, as are my preferences in Google chrome (my browser of choice). I checked the link again and just noticed the languages on the left. I guess I was expecting a non-wiki survey site.

Just to be clear, this was my second WLM survey - I filled out another (from an MIT student?) last week. That was in English, which was why I was surprised. I can't remember what language I used last year.

2012/10/28 Platonides <>
On 28/10/12 12:39, Jane Darnell wrote:
> My browser settings are in English and I just filled out the survey in
> Dutch, though the thankyou was in English. I looked to see if I could
> fill out the survey in English, but I didn't see an option for that,
> though I submitted files to the US WLM competition (as well as NL, FR,
> and DE)
> Jane

If you have your commons settings in Dutch, the link of the template
will have sent you to the survey in Dutch (odder changed that).
The template is the same in English, Dutch, French or German. They are
the same questions translated. If you participated in several country
competitions, you only need to fill the survey once. You can also fill
in the free-text answers in any language you want (it's then our problem
to figure out what that mean).

Besides, the survey has links in the sidebar to change the language it
is shown. Although nobody seems to be discovering them. :(

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