Hi Platonides, assuming that the link being red or blue tells you whether an article exists, then that would be a good way to spot monuments that don't have articles - though as the monument links aren't clickable you also need a database to find out what monument links to the ID. But even if the monument ids were clickable, you still need a way to identify the articles which don't have images. Rich Farmbrough did this for EN wiki articles that have a UK Geocode but no images -  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Rich_Farmbrough/temp_110 If we could do this for articles about monuments where the article doesn't have an image, but an image is available via WLM then it would be a great way to make sure that we maximise use of these images.


On 31 October 2012 23:37, Platonides <platonides@gmail.com> wrote:
On 31/10/12 22:06, WereSpielChequers wrote:
> In a few weeks I'm running another workshop for donors who are willing
> to give some time to Wikipedia, and the more straightforward I can make
> image adding the more successful the event will be, I've already got a
> list of articles in the UK that we probably have images for, but a list
> of monuments that we definitely have images for would be better.