Thanks Romaine,

Done for India.


On Sun, 26 Aug 2018 at 10:40, Romaine Wiki <> wrote:
Hi all,

In the past week I have reviewed the infrastructure (special UploadWizard + CentralNotice banner (=banner above Wikipedia/etc)) for all the participating countries and all seem to work. If there are any errors or questions, please let me know as early as possible!

(Please note: only during the contest period the WLM template and WLM categories are added to the images, not in the days before.)

What do you need to do?

1. Please make sure your landing page has been added to:
Please make also sure a link to the English page bas been added there.
(without landing page there can't be a banner)

2. Please make sure your landing page is also linked in the banner above the special upload wizard during the contest. This template can be found by going to Template:Upload campaign header wlm-.. and replacing the .. by your country code. (This template is for your country only.)
Please link the English landing page on the /en version of that page.

See for more details the requirements on

Deadline: 30 August at 23:59 UTC
(So I have time to implement both the URLs for the landing pages and texts in the CentralNotice banner. Providing the data after deadline may cause a delay before implementation.)

CentralNotice banner above Wikipedia
This banner will be activated for your country by me and should be visible for you within the 30 minutes after your local contest started.

The banner will only be activated if at least the minimal information is available for the participant on the website or landing page, which includes the rules and how to participate.


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