Hi all,

We are more than halfway through this year's competition. So far we have had more than 100,000 photos. Kudos to all local organizers for the amazing job they are doing. As we get close to the end of WLM 2018 submission period you may want to consider another push on your social media. I thought I'd add a few more tips to those in my previous email.
  1. Consider switching to a business profile on Instagram. It allows you to look at stats and performance of each post and the overall audience of your account. It's free and contrary to what the name suggests won't make you look like a business. You can select the category to be: Community Organization
  2. If you are present on both Facebook and Instagram it would be helpful to link them to each other. Given that Facebook owns Instagram, they  have made the connection pretty straightforward and you can do it from either platform. It makes it easy for your Instagram posts to automatically show up on Facebook. Instagram stories can be shared on Facebook stories as well. Also if you consider paid promotions, linking the two will give you one unified access to ads in both.
  3. If you'd like to share your FB and IG posts on Twitter you can use IFTTT service. We use it with the international account, therefore, our posts on Instagram automatically show up on Twitter as well. It has some limitations (e.g., for posts with multiple images) but overall it's quite useful.
  4. If there is a specific monument that you want to have a photo of, you can easily find people who have photos of that monument on social media. Say you want photos of Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani in Tanzania. If you search #KilwaKisiwani on Instagram you will find 280 photos with this tag. Some of them look good for Wikipedia. You can then just leave a comment or send a message to the photographer and ask them to submit the photo through WLM. This works particularly well with countries that have a short list of monuments or the newcomers to WLM who don't have a large follower base.
  5. You might have noticed that we posted a promotional clip on our social media. I have uploaded the file on Commons. If you would like to make one in your local language you can access the PowerPoint presentation out of which this clip is made. We are working on an Arabic version of the clip, which will hopefully become available in a few days. If you need any other language or want to change anything for your own competition, feel free to modify it in any way you like. Just make sure when you post it you credit the music (Music: Royalty-free music by bensound.com) Once you are done editing just go to file>Export>Create a Video. It should automatically take care of transitions between slides and the music and generate an MP4 file that you can post..
On the international account we try to promote local accounts. If we have missed you or you feel you'd want us to mention you more frequently, please send an email to wikilovesmonuments.insta@gmail.com