Hi Wikimedia organizers and Program leaders,

Apologies for the cross-posting.

Every year, the Wikimedia Foundation runs a survey, called the Community Engagement Insights Survey, which asks community members to give feedback on the Wikimedia Foundation’s work.[1] The survey focuses on different audience groups, one of them being community organizers and program leaders who organize activities, outreach, and other programs in the areas of GLAM, Education, Diversity, Gender, STEM, and others.

We want to get in touch with program leaders we have not heard from before. By filling out this survey, program leaders become part of our global feedback network, and have a chance to offer feedback on Wikimedia Foundation’s work to support our communities.

If you would like to be part of these feedback opportunities, please fill out this short survey:  https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3mmeBPdVXfCOhlr

In particular, we are hoping to collect information from community organizers and program leaders who aren’t already connected to the Wikimedia Foundation or haven’t attended major Wikimedia movement events (like Wikimedia Conference or Wikimania). If your local community has a mailing list or social media channel, or you know an organizer who like didn’t see this email, please forward this message and encourage participation in the survey.


Maria Cruz

Alex Stinson