1. Congratulations on the great pictures from Serbia, Libya and Tunisia and may they fare well in the international part of the contest! You are welcome to publish a blog post on the www.wikilovesearth.org blog or give us a hint to publish top-ten without extra commentaries :) 

2. We`d be happy to know if everything is OK with other national WLE contests and if you need any help or advice from the international team, please contact.

3. All who are at the stage of starting selection process, please, have a look at this Learning pattern related to WLE as well 

4. How about sharing selecting schemes with mentioning what worked well and not well, so to have page with cases for future contests  or contribute more to Commons:Wiki_Loves_Earth_2017/Organise
Should it be a page on Commons?

p.s. In Ukraine, we are done with pre-selection round and have delivered to the juries only 2000 photos (from total 15 000). There will be 3 jury-rounds. 

Best regards,
Anna Khrobolova / Anntinomy