Hey Rodrigo,

thanks for sharing! It looks like a helpful tool. 

Could I make a few suggestions for improvement? 
* In the table you mention 'registered in May 2014'. As some countries will continue in June, an easier definition would be perhaps: 'registered after 30 April 2014'. Then you don't have to worry about different time periods.
* would it be possible to also show the graph for the other data? For example, a graph for users would be nice, as well as a graph for the 'new users' and even the percentage! 
* it would be great to only get a single country graph if you click on the country name (or something similar) - especially if you're looking at countries with few submissions. 

Just some thoughts :) Keep up the good work! Maybe also some of the tools of Superzerocool from last year WLM could be reused? 


2014-05-13 2:39 GMT+02:00 Rodrigo Padula <rodrigopadula@gmail.com>:
Hello guys,

Since that is our first participation in an international photo contest, we discussed locally about ways to have more information about what is working well, the results and the real impact on commons of all our efforts around Wiki Loves Earth here in Brasil.

So, the Brazilian User Group studied and specified a tool, developed by Danilo (Danilo.mac on pt.wiki and member of the user group as well) to read database information and generate a complete report about the Wiki Loves Earth, including all participating countries listed on commons.

The tool is hosted on the server wmflabs.org under the URL http://tools.wmflabs.org/ptwikis/WLE

Through this tool you can have a general idea of what is going on: number of photos uploaded, photos used on wikis, number of uploaders(with complete list and registration date by country) and the percentage of many information, including uploaders registered in May 2014 during the contest.

I guess that tool can help each country to define metrics to evaluate your local efforts/results and can be useful for other local contests as well.

That's our first time organizing this kind of project and we are learning a lot, until now we received 1.040 photos with 94% of uploaders registered in May 2014(167 new users for the Wikimedia Commons in 12 days).

Now we are planning a bot to provide guidance and keep in touch with that new users after the contest ends.

Best regards!

Rodrigo Padula

WLE Brazil - Coordinator
Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil
Education Program Coordinator - Ação Educativa / Brazilian Catalyst Program
+55 21 99326-0558

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