Dear Ilya,

six months ago, we asked you to release the jury tool code. It has become a bottleneck and a distributed deployment would be simpler and easy to maintain.

One week ago, I asked you again what had happened with the code release, with no answer from your side.

Now, you come here not to answer but to say that you're working in a totally different issue (with, IMHO, no benefit for WLM or related contests) and asking for support. I don't really understand your stance and wonder, again, whether there's the slightest possiblity for you to release the jury tool code. Is it a question of time, resources, willingness?

Best wishes

  // M.A. Monjas

On Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 12:16 AM, Ilya Korniyko <> wrote:
Dear all,

I have submitted a grant proposal on ScalaWiki data processing toolbox [1],
and I am expecting feedback from you, as most of my Wikimedia work relates to supporting WLE/WLM projects, various article contests etc.

I think that we need some kind of a universal toolbox to define and execute processing of Wikipedia related data, as getting the right data takes a lot of time and efforts, requires specific skills. The process needs to be more universal and relatively easier. 

In a nutshell: there is a lot of data out there. And I think it needs to be accessible for everyone,
we do not need to create specific tool every time there is a new question or data to look for.

Thank you for your support.


Best regards,
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