Le jeu. 2 mai 2019 à 15:42, Jean-Philippe Béland <jpbeland@wikimedia.ca> a écrit :
I think a map would be "depicts: map" not the park itself... the same way the flag of a country "depicts: flag" or even "depicts: national flag of X" (as the items may exist), but it doesn't depict the country itself.


Yes, exactly JP. This is more how the way P180 has been used in the last 7 years.

We don't have a property for 'symbolizes' (which is utterly different from P180), it could be useful but anyway, it would be more for Wikidata data than for Commons data (query can infer it latter if needed).

As for the WLE contest, in the very unlikely event where someone ask about Commons data, I would still think it's recommend not to use an item about the place and not an item about the protected area in the property P180.

Cheers, ~nicolas