Hi everyone

A short word to say we are all set !!!

(I made some stuff, then Romaine showed up to clean everything behind me. Phew).


Le 30/09/2017 à 03:19, Florence Devouard a écrit :

Hi Platonides !

Thanks for the jump in !

It is getting late for me and I am half falling asleep.

Some answers

Le 30/09/2017 à 02:06, Platonides a écrit :
Hello Florence

I have setup a campaign based on your data. It is available at

Please note that you need to create Template:Wiki Loves Africa 2017
I guess... I am not sure how to do that.

I copied the one from 2016 changing it in 2017... and yeah... result is quite atrocious
I really have no idea how to fix that.

In the current
We should have

Wiki Loves Africa 2016 Upload Wizard. ---->
Wiki Loves Africa 2017 Upload Wizard.

The link for the "website" should be just removed

The link for the Get Started should go from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Africa_2016/Participate ---->

Follow us on twitter should be replaced by

Follow us on Facebook (with url https://www.facebook.com/wikilovesafrica/)

Also, tell me if you want a default category to be added to the images.

Last year, elements added by default to all images were

In the description : {{Wiki Loves Africa 2016 country|XX}}
With XX being the code of the country

So ideally, this year, adding in the description {{Wiki Loves Africa 2017 country|XX}}

Then the following in the file itself

{{Wiki Loves Africa 2016}} (in all cases)
[[Category:Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2016 to check]] (in all cases)
[[Category:Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2016 without categories]] (when no other categories was added by the uploader)
[[Category:Uploaded via Campaign:wlafrica]] (in all cases)

So ideally this year...

{{Wiki Loves Africa 2017}}
[[Category:Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2017 to check]]
[[Category:Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2017 without categories]]
[[Category:Uploaded via Campaign:wlafrica]]

Example here : https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Sandance_OneTime_Film.jpg&action=edit&oldid=225217500

Should the UploadWizard be asking both the country where the photo was
taken and the uploader's country? 

Last year, it only asked one question : Select the country where you made this photo.

What should it do with them? 
That was the only question asked. Then there was a thank you step

That's it.

That got all the images in [[category:Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2016]]
Then also available in countries categories such as Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2016 in Botswana (or in [[Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2016 in an unknown country‎]] if there was no country selected)
+ all of them in [[Category:Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2016 to check]]

Resulting : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Images_from_Wiki_Loves_Africa_2016

Then the template was displayed on the image description. I just did a quick copy of last year for the english : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Template:Wiki_Loves_Africa_2017_country/en

there a template to be used to wrap the answers?

I fear I do not understand what the question is.
It can be refined later, but hopefully, this should be enough for
getting uploads for the time being :)

Hmmm. Starting on ... how to fix ?
Errrr. Confused... Very. 

3 am. I go to sleep. Thanks for the help in the meanwhile !



Best regards

On Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 1:32 AM, Florence Devouard
<fdevouard@anthere.org> wrote:
Hello everyone

I need urgent help for the Wiki Loves Africa photo contest.

The contest starts in less than 24 hours. Due to family issues, Romaine, who
set up our site notice and landing pages last years, appears to be missing
in action.

As a result, we have no site notice set up (which is something annoying, but
at worse... we will do for a few days without a site notice, just some fun
on Facebook and Twitter and blogs).

But there is also no dedicated upload wizard (which is significantly more
annoying as pictures will not get taggued and categorized.

So... I am looking for someone who know how to do this and I thought WLE and
WLM were places where I could find such person maybe...

We do not start from nowhere.

== Landing pages ==

I know that I do not know how to do it (been there, done that).
Last year landing pages and messages are listed there :

And I already put the elements that Romaine usually asks me (the language,
image etc.) here :

Does anyone know how to do a dedicated upload system ? Does anyone know
someone who know how to do that ? Who can help us ?

== Banners==

Banner wise, we used two banners last year, which may be reused probably in
a very similar way.


If someone knows how to create the campaign and two banners for 2017 out of
the 2016 model... that would be awesome.

But I think that I can probably do it myself and if needed, I'll do it
tomorrow. I am less worried about this one (perhaps I should though ;))

Anyway... biggest problem at the moment is really no landing page with
upload tool.

Your help would be very very very very welcome


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