Thanks for your reply. It would be great if you could register it form the 15th of May to 31st. And in this case, will you be able to consider the 5 photos uploaded?

Thank you for your consideration


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Hi Mervat,

Could you please specify the dates of beginning and end of the contest?

We could not register Jordan for the contest as you did not specify any dates. At the moment says "Load your pictures in ??? 2015" and has just "?" next to Jordan. We have created an upload campaign for you, but it is not activated yet as we do not know when you start.

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My name is Mervat Salman, I am from Jordan.  We created a page to participate in the contest, and even started to upload some photos, but seems the page is not registered and Jordan is not added, I need your help please to consider our participation and count the photos uploaded. 
Here is the page:

Thanks for your consideration

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