Yes, this is especially something to crowd source and make language specific :)


On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 1:20 PM Anton Protsiuk <> wrote:
Hi Lodewijk

Regarding the template: it needs changing anyway because it can at the moment actually discourage some people from adding their images to Wikipedia.
Versions in some languages say something to the effect of "our volunteers will add your photo to the articles shortly", while in most countries there are no volunteers specifically working on adding new photos to the Wikimedia projects.

Regarding a blog post: that's a great idea, we'll think about that.

Yet, at first glance, its realization in the international context faces the problems of universality. The most obvious one is a language barrier. Such a help page would be needed in many languages, which requires lots of translation. A more subtle one is the difference in requirements by different wikiprojects and their language editions. In some wiki it might be okay to add a gallery of 10 photos to an article about a street, but that might not be acceptable in other projects.

I'm sure we can deal with these problems, but that would require time and sufficient involvement by the international community.

Best Regards
Anton Protsiuk
Project Manager at Wikimedia Ukraine

On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 9:05 PM effe iets anders <> wrote:
Hi Anastasiia,

I suspect that for veteran Wikipedians, this message and encouragement is not needed, but for new contributors it may help. However, they would require a bit more guidance. If I were a new contributor, and saw such a message, I would have a few different questions:
- How do I find 'relevant articles and lists'
- How do I physically add photos
- How do I know if it is appropriate to add my own photo (e.g. if there's already two photos, and I think that mine is much better... ?)

How about putting together a small blog post or help page with some instructions? 


On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 9:11 AM Anastasiia Petrova <> wrote:
Dear all,

Wiki Loves Earth contest is aimed at creating the biggest database of free photos of protected natural sites. WLE photos help to illustrate wiki projects, but still, many articles are lacking such images.

How to improve this process? One of ways is encouraging participants that have uploaded their photos to add them to the relevant articles and lists. To do that, we have changed the text in the Upload campaign template to the "call to action". Please, take a look at the English version.

And we need exactly your help to translate this message into your language(s). Please, check the list of templates here and help to illustrate Wikipedia!

Thank you!

Best regards,
Anastasiia Petrova
Project Manager for International Wiki Loves Earth 2020
on behalf of the international organizing team
Wikilovesearth mailing list
Wikilovesearth mailing list