Very heartening to know .
Just an ignoramus doubt. How is wikisource different from Wikipeadia ? Are we supposed to put there, all the origianl creative works of Kannada and other people, whcih can be used as source by others later ? What about copyrights of these origianl works?
I would be happy to get enlightened .

On 7/12/06, Hari Prasad Nadig <> wrote:
Thanks largely to Manohar, Wikisource Kannada is now a very active
project and recently got its own domain, too.

Visit the project and contribute, take part. Don't let the initial
Main page template scare you. It is still in the making at the Draft
page ( You too can
pitch in and add to the design and structure.
Hope to see a vibrant community building up on Kannada Wikisource as well.

And yeah, Kannada Wikipedia crossed another milestone with the 2,500th
article created on "Jalianwala bagh massacre". Thanks largely to the
non-stop editing by Sunaath, Triveni Rao, Manohar, Veena, Narayan,
Naveen and Narasimha, we've reached the milestone while not
compromising with the quality of the articles.

Thanks to Jon Harald Søby for shifting all the pages to the new place,
Gangleri (Reinhardt Wiewe) for taking so much interest in various
localization stuff and for pushing across the namespace changes.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in with all types of contributions.
Each and every contribution is important and significant for the
community. Hope to see more contributions from all of you. :)

- h.p.

Hari Prasad Nadig
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